Teaching Appointments

Faculty of Design, Toronto Film School (2017-present)
Instructor, OCADU School of Continuing Studies, Motion (2016-present)

Selected Special Projects


Visual Producer + Animator
Canadian Men’s Choir: Shadowland
Church of the Redeemer


Animation Producer + Educator
Consent Is… (2017 + 2018)
Core Team
The Anda Residency
Joyland Magazine, (2016-2017)
Director, Film, Video + Photography
Toronto for Everyone, Honest Ed's Celebration in collaboration with Centre for Social Innovation (2016-2017)
Executive Director
The Parkdale Film + Video Showcase (2012-2015)
Co-Chair + Chair
Board of Directors, Trinity Square Video (2013-2015)
Gallery 1313 Window Space (2014-2015)


Ryerson University, Ryerson 4th Year Photography, Artist Professional Practice, 2017
Sheridan College: Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, Artist Professional Practice, 2017
Nuvango, "This is Happening" three part series on professional practice, 2016
Sheridan College: Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, Artist Alumni series concurrent with "Viva Voce" at Blackwood Gallery, University of Toronto at Mississauga, 2011
Xpace Cultural Centre, concurrent with solo exhibition "Untitled 8bit" at Xpace, Toronto, 2011

"Trip Dicks," illustration and essay, The Tourist Issue, Ephemera Magazine, edited by Maegan Fidelino/Kastor & Pollux, 2017
"Cuteness is Suspect," illustration + essay, The Pop Music Issue, Ephemera Magazine, edited by Maegan Fidelino/Kastor & Pollux, 2016
Viva Voce, Exhibition Catalogue, Blackwood Gallery, 2011
Volume, Xpace Cultural Centre Annual Exhibition Catalogue, 2010, 2011

Trinity Square Video, "Right" Film Commission, 2011-2012
Trinity Square Video Pitch Award, Toronto Urban Film Festival, 2009
Toronto Arts Council, Emerging Writer's Grant, 2008
Ontario Arts Council, Writer's Work-in-Progress Grant, 2008

Sheridan Institute of Advanced Learning, Dipl., Art & Design
University of Toronto at Mississauga, BA Hons., English, Art History, Poli. Sci
Awards - Dr. Annie Smith Award and Scholarship + William Huffman Excellence in Visual Arts Award



Screening, Secret Ghosts Pt. 1, Athens Animfest, Athens Civic Centre, Athens, Greece
Waxing/Waning, Special Screening + Installation, Issue 04 Launch, Nashville


Screening, Secret Ghosts Pt. 1, Animation Marathon, Athens, Greece
CBC Micro-residency, January edition


Virtually Real w/ Cyber Twee at VR World, New York
Ghost House, Screening & Pop-Up Exhibition at 159 Manning, Toronto
Activity Milk w/ Cybertwee HQ App, Spam's - The Internet: The Restaurant, Museum of Human Achievement, Austin, TX, 2017
Ephemera, Spring Issue, edited by Maegan Fidelino, Kastor & Pollux
Bath Ghost, Long Winter, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto
Illustrator-in-Residence, Joyland Magazine


Gemini, Gemini, site-specific installation, Tim McCready’s House Party2, The Gladstone Hotel, Toronto
Art-Arthina, curated by Scott McGovern, Athens, Greece
Featured Artist, Ello.co
RGB Nails performance for Long Winter, Galleria Mall, Toronto
CBC Exhibitionist-in-Residence, CBC Arts


Featured Artist, Ello.com
Ways of Something, Closing Party GIFs, curated by Lorna Mills
Pale Blue (curated by Lindsay Cahill), Milk Glass, Toronto
Liminal Spaces, A White House Studio Project, site-specific show, Hamilton
Interface, Ace Hotel, London (curated by Bobby Barry)
Intervention w/ Lauren Cullen aka the Geo Ouija Widget, Ottawa
TV Dinner: Snack Edition, Long Winter, The Great Hall, Toronto


NYE at 159 Manning (installation), Toronto
Digital Sweat, Curated by Christian Peterson (I Want You Studio)
Clusterfuck Zoo for Long Winter, curated by Lorna Mills, Toronto
Triangle (gif series), Hoax Publication, UK
Ghost Hole, Curated by Vanessa Reiger, Toronto
Disco Crib, 401 Richmond Urbanspace building, site-specific installation for Nuit Blanche, Toronto
Homer's Odyssey, Videofag, curated by Lindsay Cahill, Toronto


Clusterfuck Zoo, PhattB: The Art Technology Terminal, curated by Lorna Mills, Pratt Brooklyn, NYC
One Minute Film & Video Festival, Aarau, Switzerland
Art Now, curated by Rui Pimenta, Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto
Clusterfuck Zoo, closing exhibition for "The Axis of Something" by Lorna Mills, Transfer Gallery, NYC
K-Town Karaoke, MOCCA, Toronto
Video Store, Under New Management, ODD Gallery, Dawson City, Yukon


LEFT, RIGHT, CENTRE, A Trinity Square Video Presentation curated by Jean-Paul Kelly, Jackman Hall, AGO, Toronto
Toronto Animated Image Society Showcase (installation) NFB Mediatheque, Toronto
Ye$ We ¢an, Xpace Cultural Centre, Toronto
Right, Themed commission exhibition, part of "Left/Right/Centre" film commission series, Trinity Square Video, Toronto
Screening - Right - We harrowed the wrong quarry., A Trinity Square Video Presentation, Jackman Hall, AGO, Toronto


Untitled 8bit, Xpace, Toronto
Viva Voce, Blackwood Gallery, Mississauga
Artspin, Factory Theatre, Toronto
Parkdale Film & Video Showcase, Screening Under the Stars, Toronto
Cult of the Contemporary, Xpace, Toronto
One Minute Film and Video Festival, Toronto Underground Cinema


This Must Be The Place, Triangle Gallery, Toronto
Toronto Urban Film Festival (TUFF), Urban Ideas and Politics, curated by Min Sook Lee, Toronto
The Greatest Show on Earth!, Xpace, Toronto
The House That Masons Built, site-specific installation, curated by Melissa Koziebrocki, Toronto


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