I'm an artist, project coordinator, manager, and creative content producer. I help companies, entrepreneurs, artists, and startups reach their creative goals through effective content creation and output strategy.

This includes design for print and social media, arts-based grant-writing, conducting workshops, creative administration and overseeing the implementation of independent projects, festivals, and exhibitions.

I am also an educator and lecturer, giving talks on arts practice and software instruction. My lecturing currently includes a course intensive with OCADU School of Continuing Studies in After Effects.


My artistic practice is based in multi-media installation, video, animation, and illustration. For my full CV, you can click here.

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Selected Special Projects

Director, Film, Video & Photography
Toronto for Everyone, Honest Ed's Celebration in collaboration with Centre for Social Innovation (2016-2017)
Joyland Magazine (2016-present)
Executive Director
The Parkdale Film & Video Showcase (2012-2015)
Co-Chair, Chair
Board of Directors, Trinity Square Video (2013-2015)
Gallery 1313 Window Space (2014-2015)

Selected Creative Partners

Centre for Social Innovation, The CBC, Humble the Poet, The Visual Dept., Skinny Sweats, Samsung, Tim McCready (159 Manning Events), Nuvango, CultureLink, Taqqut Films, Inhabit Media, The Nunavut Bilingual Education Society, nichola feldman kiss, AOL/Huffington Post, Box Salon, Select Wine Merchants (for the LCBO), Water Canada and others.