Reel, Carolyn Tripp, 2018

Squid Illustrations, CBC Arts
Joyland Magazine Illustrations
159 Manning/Gladstone Hotel Design & Illustration
"The Xenotext" on the Exhibitionists w/ Christian Bok, CBC Arts
Humble the Poet, Lighters Lyric Video
Humble the Poet, promo video
Motion Type - Independent Project
Memento & Co (Bees/Apiary) - Independent Project
Secret Ghosts Pt. 1 - Independent Animation
Tutorials and Instruction Videos - Character Design, Vector Graphics + Rotoscoping
The Schawk! Agency, Commercial Projects (Kellogg's, Uncle Ben's & Breyer's)
JOIA Pictures, VR mockup
Venngage Infographics

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Music (c) Brady Bothwell