Here, you'll find curatorial projects and event production in Toronto. From large to small spaces, any size of venue can be activated into an artistic experience. This page will include images and thoughts from a number of major projects including the "TO4E" celebration that closed down Honest Ed's in Toronto, The Parkdale Film and Video Showcase, and the Gallery 1313 Window Space.

An Honest Farewell, Honest Ed's, in partnership with the Centre for Social Innovation (2017)

For months we planned and agonized over how to activate a whole city block's worth of a building for the public. There were 6 storeys of a soon-to-be-demolished site to be celebrated and considered. Honest Ed's remains very dear to Toronto, a bitter sweet farewell to the last remaining retail establishment of the late, great "Honest" Ed Mirvish. 

A pillar of the community and an early Toronto entrepreneur, Ed built on an empire based on what I often refer to as "dynastic populism," something that resonated deeply with many Torontonians from all walks of life. 

With the building left as an inexplicable labyrinth of run down portions, patched together buildings that had been annexed by his empire, and a whole lot of history stuffed into every corner, a dedicated team of fifty individuals planned, agonized, and poured their hearts into the space to celebrate the space one last time.

I've included pictures of the "aMAZEment" experience for which I was directly responsible in organizing and curating. I also put together a little promo reel to let visitors know what they were in for. There is so much to share, this page will keep growing! 

This page is still under construction <3 More soon!