Joyland Magazine, So Far.

As Joyland Magazine celebrates its new publishers this month, I wanted to post a quick update on the amazing work we've done so far...

"Retro 5" will be coming out this Fall! I've designed the cover, which is a throwback to Joyland (the novel) beginnings. 

Joyland Magazine, Retro 5, Anthology, 2016. (cover, Carolyn Tripp)

Joyland Magazine, Retro 5, Anthology, 2016. (cover, Carolyn Tripp)

We've also been feverishly updated the content for the site! These are my favourite pieces I've done for the magazine so far. 

First image (left from right)  "The Huldra" by Ryan Sloan, "Society and Others" by Tim Conley, "Desiree" by Linnie Green, "Ghosts You Loved More" by Michelle Lyn King, "Something Night Music" by Craig Shilowich, "Partnered" by Emma Horwitz, and "Sand Castles," by Alyson Foster.

I'll be updating my blog shortly with details on how to order "Retro 5" once it's been completed. xo

CBC Arts Exhibitionist-in-Residence This Week

Leah Collins interviewed me this week for the Exhibitionist in Residence program over at CBC Arts. The Exhibitionists team will be covering my animation work - it airs 4:30pm this Sunday! 

Here I manage to process my Bowie grief and answer a few of her other questions, too.

Pineapple Bowie, Carolyn Tripp, 2016