Workshops at Nuvango starting January 12th, 2016

I'm teaming up with Nuvango for the next three weeks to provide workshops for emerging artists (ie students, new grads, or anyone starting out their practice).

The first one starts this coming Tuesday! It's free but registration is required in advance. You can do that here:


We’re excited to present a brand new, 100% free, three-part educational series run by Carolyn Tripp & Nuvango to help you get on your feet and stay there in 2016. This series will focus on facing the fears of being a real, legit, professional, practicing artist. Don’t worry, no one said anything about having to be an adult - we just want to give you the confidence to take off your training wheels and zoom off into the artworld sunset.

Ready to step up your game, art star?

Sign up for part one of the This is Happening?! series “The Mad Real World: Professional Practice, Constructing a CV and Documenting Your Work, Getting to Know Website Basics, and Approaching Galleries,” featuring artist Rachel McRae here

As a participant in our first session, you will walk away with the skills and tools to manage your professional art practice including learning about grants, galleries, the first stepping stones of website management, tricks for documentation and gaining the confidence to get out there and show your work. We know it can be scary to create a business from such a personal practice, but we’re here to help - and what better time to get started than a brand new year, ‘cause this IS happening!?